British Data Science Society



The British Data Science Society (BDSS, formerly British Classification Society) exists to encourage the co-operation and exchange of views and information among those interested in the principles, methods and practice of the discipline Data Science in as wide a range of applications as possible in academia, government, industry and society. Its membership includes anthropologists, archaeologists, astronomers, biologists, business analysts, business designers, chemists, computer scientists, data scientists, econometricians, forensic scientists, geologists, information specialists, librarians, mathematicians, psychologists, soil scientists and statisticians. 

The BDSS is a founding member of the International Federation of Classification Societies (IFCS). Last biannual conference IFCS2022, Porto, Portugal: Classification and Data Science in the Digital Age and upcoming IFCS2024, San Jose, Costa Rica, 15-19 July 2024: Data Science, Classification and Artificial Intelligence for Modelling Decision Making